The Legend of Pill-chan

Once upon a time there was a blue faerie who spent her days fluttering alone through the forests, meadows and crystal-filled caves of her home, pondering the pain and suffering of humans. They searched for excitement, adventure, kept strange company and things, adorned themselves with various trinkets and most curious of all: swallowed many potions. Faeries knew the joys of food and wine but were quite perplexed at the consumption of chemicals and unnatural concoctions the peculiar humans ingested with the excuse of finding happiness.
Now, all jobs in the faerie world were assigned at birth to each faerie and the blue faerie was no different. In fact, she had been assigned to seek out those most in need of fulfillment in life and bring them resolution. Humans tried to fill the voids in their lives with many, many things but what they all basically sought after was peace. But how would she go about getting it to them? The blue faerie spent seasons and seasons studying the lives of the humans, the things they used to make them happy and the ways they tried to fulfill themselves.
One evening the faerie sat on the edge of the river admiring the silvery moonlight, the deep blue sky and the stars, and she realized she was at peace. She looked around to other things she could see caught in the moonlight: trees, flowing water, clouds; and she then decided that you need never absorb anything to feel bliss, you would know it when you saw it and you would feel it instantly.
The blue faerie extended her arms and borrowed beams of moonlight and bits of the starry sky and, with her magic she formed them into a palm-sized capsule. The blue faerie then filled the capsule with the happiness she felt and longed to share with mankind. With her good intentions she sealed the capsule and called her Pill-chan, declaring peace could be achieved through her with just a glance. Through pure joy little Pill-chan was born and came to life, unable to stop smiling. Knowing exactly whom she would visit first, the blue faerie took Pill-chan to her new home so she could start spreading the happiness as soon as possible. The lonely human welcomed Pill-chan into his home and with one look at her bright eyes and hopeful smile, felt a surge of serenity.
Every day since then, borrowing from the different seasons and elements, the blue faerie brought Pill-chan to life and delivered her to whomever was in need. Before long the blue faerie would come to be known as the Dope Faerie, who knew and possessed what you needed and promoted finding peace and happiness in simply taking a look around for something to make you smile.

The End.

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