Amigurumi Water Sprite/Rain Drop Crochet Pattern

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So blah blah blah, life is life and arts and crafts are good... so here's a Free Crochet Pattern! Enjoy!

Water Sprite

Amigurumi Water Sprite / Rain Drop Crochet Pattern

Used: "F" Hook (3.50mm)
Sport/Light/Baby Weight Yarn in Baby Blue
6mm Solid Black Eyes (2)

Form a "magic ring"

1 - sc x6, tighten ring gently (06)
2 - 2 sc in each sc (12)
3 - (sc, inc) around, mark the last stitch with a bit
of yarn, sl sts are not used. (18)
4 - (2 sc, inc) around (24)
5 - (3 sc, inc) around (30)
6-8 - sc around (30)
9 - (3 sc, dcr) around (24)
10 - sc around (24)
11 - (2 sc, dcr) around (18)
12 - sc around (18)
13 - (1 sc, dcr) around (12)

At this point, add the eyes wherever you decide the face is, between rows 7 & 8 and about 4 stitches apart (or wherever you may please!). Take a bit of stuffing and flatten it with your fingers; place this stuffing at the bottom of your Sprite. Pour in a small layer of the polybeans, for weight. Add more stuffing to desired squishiness or not squishiness.

14 - sc around (12)
15 - (1 sc, dcr) around (08)
16 - sc around, add more stuffing (08)
17 - dcr around (04)

Finish off with a sl st (if possible), close off. Tuck in loose ends/marker yarns, using your hook. If desired, use the butt of the hook to also add more stuffing. Shape if needed with your fingers, curving the tip of the Sprite (as shown) if desired. Enjoy!

mmSoler 07.19.2011

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Claudia said...

I´ve crocheted a Raindrop based on your lovely and free pattern and I´d like to know if I can translate it to Portuguese and post it for free on my blog (linking to your page and giving you the credits, of course).

I don´t sell my work, it´s just a hobby and I frequently translate free patterns to my readers whenever I get the permission.

Thanks a lot.
Best regards from Brazil